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A-Z of Disney Characters |  Lilo

Mini Disney Movie Challenge
[5/9] : A scene that makes you sad

Sidekick Week | Day 7: Favourite Overall Sidekick

→ Genie

Title: Welcome (Show Stop)
Artist: Disneyland's 50th Anniversary
Played: 624 times

Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams (2005-2008)

“…welcome to our family time, welcome to our brotherly time. We’re happy, giving & taking to the friends we’re making. There’s nothing we won’t do.


Villains of the Renessaince Age (1989-1999)


Alice growing + shrinking

URL inspired gifs/edits: a-spoon-full-of-pixie-dust

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Get to Know Me(me) Disney Challenge - 10 Characters

↳ [5/10] - Nani

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